1980 - 1989 Classes Information

These classes published the Double Entry, a Red Eye competitor with a limited run.  They continued the traditions of the Businessmen's Seminars and of active involvement in campus sports.  They also started the Little Brother, Big Brother Program, which eventually became the stand-alone event, LB5Q.  Revisit some of the history here.

We are currently looking for class representatives to help alumni reconnect.  If you are interested in organizing an activity for your former classmates during the All Years Reunion, let Shawna know.

Classes Representative(s)

Brenda Hill, B.Comm. '83

Contact: mom_hill@hotmail.com or (403) 818-3655 or (403) 249-2520

Janice Scharf, B.Comm. '83

Contact: janice_scharf@transcanada.com or (403) 295-6095

Classes Activities

Coming soon.